AHD Study Day – 18 March 2017

Dear All

We have the NCFE AHD Quality Verifier attending The Clifton Practice on Friday 31 March 2017.  I know many of you are close to completion and we would be pleased to have your completed portfolio for the External Verification day.  It is also an ideal opportunity to submit any completed modules you may have to get them ‘out of the way’. As you complete a module (in which ever order you like) send the evidence to Paula Rose (paula@prose2.wanadoo.co.uk) and if they are in in time, they will be submitted.

To help you ‘get cracking’ and to support you in completing the Learning Outcomes for each module. Paula Rose and Susan Rodrigues will be ‘At Home’ at the Clifton Practice on Saturday 18 March from 10am – 5pm. for an AHD Study Day   You will be able to ask any questions and they will help you understand what is required.  You might like to bring your laptop with you and finish some of the work whilst you are here.

Please let us know (email: info@cpht.co.uk) if you would like to attend the study day.

Best wishes