Paula Rose – New Email Address

Dear All

Just a reminder that you no longer have to wait until you have completed the whole AHD portfolio to submit your work.  It can be sent in on a module by module basis.

As you complete each module you can email it direct to Paula Rose for verification.  Paula now has a new email address:

Best wishes

Susan R
CPHT Bristol
0117 317 9278

Introducing the AHD Logo

Dear Everyone

AHD Logo

Here is the Logo we have designed to those who achieve AHD.

You can also put in your advertising:

‘The Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma has been accredited by NCFE as having measurable Learning Outcomes that have been benchmarked at Level 5 (using Ofqual’s Qualification and Credit Framework level descriptors)’

You can also paraphrase information from the AHD Website to enhance your CV.

A reminder that we have an External Verification on 31 March 2017.  As I said, this could be an ideal opportunity to get any completed modules ‘out of the way’.  Don’t forget the AHD Study Day on Saturday 18 March from 10am – 5pm.  Bring you lap-top and ‘get on with it’ at The Clifton Practice.  Paula Rose and Susan Rodrigues will be there to help you if you are having any trouble bringing it all together.

With best wishes


AHD Study Day – 18 March 2017

Dear All

We have the NCFE AHD Quality Verifier attending The Clifton Practice on Friday 31 March 2017.  I know many of you are close to completion and we would be pleased to have your completed portfolio for the External Verification day.  It is also an ideal opportunity to submit any completed modules you may have to get them ‘out of the way’. As you complete a module (in which ever order you like) send the evidence to Paula Rose ( and if they are in in time, they will be submitted.

To help you ‘get cracking’ and to support you in completing the Learning Outcomes for each module. Paula Rose and Susan Rodrigues will be ‘At Home’ at the Clifton Practice on Saturday 18 March from 10am – 5pm. for an AHD Study Day   You will be able to ask any questions and they will help you understand what is required.  You might like to bring your laptop with you and finish some of the work whilst you are here.

Please let us know (email: if you would like to attend the study day.

Best wishes


AHD Learning Outcome Guide

Dear All

Have a look at the AHD website.

There is a new AHD Learning Outcome Guide on it (Student Login – Information & Documentation page).  It is intended to be a very helpful document.  The operative word is ‘Guide’.  Remember it is entirely at your discretion how you verify the Learning Outcomes and the extent of your answers.  Note, however, this paragraph about any completed modules.  ‘As you complete each Module please email it to Paula Rose ( ) for assessment.’

If you have any general queries about content, contact Paula.

If you have any queries about presentation or you need access again to the seminar notes contact Susan Rodrigues (email:

If you have any specific queries or problems concerning CORP contact Matthew Cahill (email:

A reminder about note referring to CORP on the website:

‘Learning outcomes will be further evidenced by candidates providing a comprehensive report on their own research findings by taking part in the Clifton Practice Outcome Ratings Research (CORP) with average clinic hours of not less than five clients per week over a nine month period. In effect it is approx. 180 sessions. Most graduates will be able to achieve this in a much shorter time. CORP presentation, particularly with the 2016 software, can be straightforward and impressive.’

It is still intended to have an External Verification (EV) by NCFE, late October/early November 2016.

Good luck and best wishes.

David Newton

Tablet for use with CORP

Dear All

Matthew Cahill has sent us the following information:

This brand new Windows tablet for £130 would do you very nicely for those wishing to use a tablet which will run with CORP.

It is worth looking at as it is on offer at the moment.


AHD Website

Dear Everyone,

There is now a link to the new AHD website on all CPHT School websites.

Click on Student Login to access the part of the website for Information & Documentation and Latest News.  The password to access these pages is panther.

Please have a look at the site.  In particular have a look a what I have said about presentation of portfolios.  Also, have a look at the CORP paragraph and the note about ‘averaging’.

With best wishes,